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Part of the project performance:
¡ôThe video monitoring project - Guilin Liquan company
¡ô Warehouse temperature control system DCS - The Guilin Lingui tobacco companies distribution center
¡ôVideo monitoring system - The 14 army tank brigade barracks
¡ôVideo monitoring system - Guangxi nomal university affiliated middle school
¡ôDigital room one or two - Guilin radio and television network company
¡ôPublic Announcement System - The Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical Group
¡ôCentralized monitoring system - The Guilin Bureau of Education Information Center
¡ôPublic video publishing system - The Yanjing Beer (Yulin) Co., Ltd.
¡ôColor video intercom system - The Guilin City Public Security Bureau
¡ôVideo monitoring system - The Sinopec Southwest Petroleum Bureau of Baise LPG storage and distribution station
¡ôPackaging machine camera detection system - The Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
¡ôThe production line of the elimination of static electricity engineering - The Yanjing Beer (Gui Linliquan) Limited by Share Ltd