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Intelligent Pulse Signal Controller

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  • Number:11115-933

  I. Description
KM24-16 Pulse Signal Controller is particularly designd for the bag type dust catcher. The pulse signal outputed by KM24-16 can drive the electromagnetism valve directly ,control the compressed air to clear the dust of filter bag continually,let the resistance of dust catcher keep in a required range , so as to make sure the efficiency of dust catcher. This controller is composed of advanced high frequency switch power supply, SCM, large scale Integration, highlight digital displayer and VMOS pipe. KM24-16 provides many features such as wide range voltage input , excellent stability and reliability, plastic disc structure shell. It can be installed in the console or dust catcher.
According to dust cleaning requirements,the dust of dust catcher can be cleared continually via adjusting puslse pulse width and pulse interval. The controller can choose output channels freely between channel1 and channel16 and can be customized.

II. Specifications:
1. Rating input voltage : AC90V~265V/50HZ
2. The voltage of controlling electromagnetism valve :
3. Consumption power ≤12W
4. Output pulse interval adjusting range:1-60 seconds;
can be adjusted continuously.
5. Output pulse width adjusting range:20-300 millisecond;
can be adjusted continuously every 10 milliseconds.
6. Environment temperature: -25~55℃ Environment
humidity:<95% RH
7. Dimension: Front panel (W×H×D)160×80×12 mm
Back panel 150×75×114 mm
Mounting hole size(W×H)152×77mm
8. N.W 500g

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