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Minco F2 Engine Control Module

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  • Number:17249-241
    Model:Minco F2

I. Description
MINCO F2 controller is a new control device , which can completely monitor the engine operation parameters and protect engine. It not only applies to various models and powers diesel engine, upgrades the engine digital display and technical performances such as automatic protection, but also provides a cheap practical solution for assembling automation genset.
MINCO F2 widely used to fire pump、industry engine and generator test board.

II. Functional Characteristics
1. LED display: Rotate speed/frequency, coolant temp., oil pressure, battery voltage, running time, fuel level/oil temp
2. Manual pushbutton or remote start, auto start, auto protection, ATS control
3. Fault protection and indication: emergency stop, over speed, low battery
voltage, high water temp., low oil pressure, over crank,loss of speed
signal, user-defined input etc.
4. Coolant temp., oil pressure analog sensor or switch sensor is general; speed can be got from sensor or frequency.
5. 50HZ or 60HZ is general.
6. Smart and firm appearance, moisture proof, shockproof
7. Electronic governor and deceleration regulator are general. Provides Acc and Dec in
right position monitoring inputs , also adapts to domestic generating set.
8. Adopts quick connecting or disconnecting terminal.

III. External Features
Dimension: Front panel (L×WxD)96x96x9mm
Back panel (LxWxD) 84x84x50mm
Mounting hole: (L×W)85x85mm
Power Supply: DC8-40 V,<300 mA
Working environment: -25~70℃,relative humidity <95%
N.W.: 380g
MINCO F2 well replaces the Cummins original control plate and the products which use 168/17,170/180, 501/520 controller.
Main advantages:
1.Increase in display functions, such as rotate speed/frequency, oil pressure, coolant temp., battery voltage, running time,and fuel level etc. Meters and labor costs saving .
2.Coolant temp. and oil pressure sensor can be analog or switch input;genset rotate speed can be got from frequency or speed sensor.The controller can drive electronic governor and electromotion ACC/DEC regulator .Since the above advantages, the controller can be widely used in engines and makes the customers save engine spare parts(sensor etc.) changing costs and labour costs.
3.Pushbutton setting function, all main parameters can be set by the front pushbuttons.

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