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MINCO-M680 Screw Air Compressor Controller

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  • Number:10519-260

1. Switch input / output: 3 circuits switch input, 5 circuits relay switch output;
2. Analog: 1 circuit Pt1000 temp. input, 1circult 4~20mA transmitter input, two sets of three phase current(match CT);
3. Phase sequence input voltage: three phase 380V/220V;
4. Controller work power: AC20V~AC24V, 50HZ, 40VA
5. Display range:
1) Oil temp. —20~150℃ ; Accuracy: ±1℃
2) Air temp. —20~150℃ ; Accuracy: ±1℃
3) Running time:0~999999 hours
4) Display current range: 0~999.9A
5) Pressure: 0~1.6 Mpa, Accuracy: 0.01Mpa
6. Phase sequence protection: When the protection inspect phase sequence error, Action time≤2s
7. Motor protection: Controller has following five basic function for main motor and fan motor.
Block transfer protection/ short protection/default phase protection/unbalance protection/over load inverse time limit protection/temp. protection
8. Output relay contact capability: 250V5A: Service lift of contactor: 500000 times
9. Display current error:<1.0%
10. RS-285 communication port

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