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MINCO 420 Water Pump Intelligent Controller

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  • Number:104341-345

Minco 420 water pump controller adopts high performance microprocessor and industry components, concentrates measure, control, protect and four-remote function together, which can display all measuring parameter, control parameter and working state of generator, and it’s all the input and output ports support user-defined function, anti-jamming ability is strong, and actually meets different types of generator’s automation requirements.

I. Function Character:
1. Wide-screen LCD display with 128×64 lattice and black-light;
2. Chinese and English double language menu, mutual operation, can be set and operated without the computer;
3. Auto start, auto protection, auto load function; MINCO 420 Water Pump Controller
4. Perfect auto protection, warning details and working statement character display directly, fault record more than 50 items;
5. Abundant of lift measure、water temperature、oil pressure、oil level etc. connection parameter;
6. All relay contact capability of strat and fuel is above 10A/250VAC/30VDC, others are 5A; User-defined to all input and output port, Timing start and stop function;
7. RS232 communication. This is optional function, which attached “four remote control” monitor software

II. Control Parameters:
1.Switch inputs (6 items)
Remote start、emergency stop、user-defined input1-4(Optional:monitor,low oil pressure;high coolant temperature;acceleration limit;deceleration limit;high oil temperature;low fuel level(alarm non-stop);high fuel level; float charge fail alarm;alarm;alarm non-stop(running state);
alarm stop, oil pressure permissive remote reset etc.);
2.Rely output (6 items)
Fuel、start、user-defined1-4(common failure;auxiliary stop;genset supply;automation;closed on idleing;opened on idleing;pre-fuel;warm up;acceleration;deceleration;over speed;high speed;low battery vol.;pumping;alarm etc.)
3.Delay setting (22 items)
Delay of cool down;delay of pre-fuel;delay of genset start;delay of idle start;delay of crank interval;delay of idle stop;crank time;acceleration delay;bypass time;delay of auxiliary input 1;delay of energize to stop(ETS);delay of auxiliary input 2; delay of auxiliary input 3;overload delay;delay of auxiliary input 4;lift fault delay; over voltage delay;delay of charge failure;delay of over frequency;delay of low battery;delay of warm up;delay of transform;deceleration delay;
4.System parameter setting (17 items)
Strip speed, flywheel teeth, lift demarcate, password setting, address, fuel setting, output 1 setting;output 2 setting, output 3 setting,output 4 setting, input 1 setting, input 2 setting, input 3 setting, input 4 setting, start method;display mode;language choose;back light choose;hiding run

III. External Features
1.Size of outside:front panel(L×WxD) 96x96x9mm
Back shell(LxWxD) 84x84x50 mm
2. Hole size of installation (L×W) 85x85mm

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