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MINCO 410 Industry Generator Intelligent Controller

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  • Number:94143-765

Minco 410 genset controller adopts special module of 400 series with high performance microprocessor and industry components.Wide–screen LCD display, mutually operated with Chinese and english double language menu. All the input and output ports support user-defined function, actually meets different types of genset and other auto control requirements, widely used to internal-combustion engine power device.Minco410 has special timing start function, that is able to start genset at regular time of each month, each week or each day. Perfect auto start , auto protection and ATS control function, optional with RS232 communication port.
Minco410 has been widely used to industry oil pumping.

I. Function Character:
1.Display speed、oil pressure、water temperature、oil temperature etc. parameter of genset;
2. Small and exquisite shape, wide-screen LCD display with black-light;
3. Auto start, auto protection, ATS control function;
4. Chinese and English double language menu, mutual operation, can be set and operated without the computer;
5. User-defined to all input and output port, almost more than 10 items option;
6. Perfect auto protection, warning details and working statement character display directly, fault record more than 50 items;
7. All relay contact capability of strat and fuel is above 10A/250VAC/30VDC;
8. Timing start function,start genset at each year、each month、each week or each day;
9. RS232 communication. This is optional function, which attached “four remote control” monitor software
II. Control Parameters:
1.Analog inputs (9 items)
One phase voltage、load one phase current、frequency、power、coolant temp.、oil pressure、fuel level、battery voltage、charge voltage etc.;
2.Switch inputs (6 items)
Remote start、emergency stop、user-defined input1-4(Optional:monitor,low oil pressure;high coolant temperature;acceleration limit;deceleration limit;high oil temperature;low fuel level(alarm non-stop);high fuel level; float charge fail alarm;alarm;alarm non-stop(running state);alarm stop etc.12 items)etc;
3.Rely output (7 items)
Fuel、start、excitation、user-defined1-4(common failure;auxiliary stop;genset supply;automation;closed on idleing;opened on idleing;pre-fuel;warm up;acceleration;deceleration;damper;overcurrent;high speed;low battery vol.;pumping;alarm etc.16 items)
4.Delay setting (22 items)
Delay of cool down;delay of pre-fuel;delay of genset start;delay of idle start;delay of crank interval;delay of idle stop;crank time;acceleration delay;bypass time;delay of auxiliary input 1;delay of energize to stop(ETS);delay of auxiliary input 2; delay of auxiliary input 3;overload delay;delay of auxiliary input 4;over voltage delay;delay of charge failure;delay of over frequency;delay of low battery;delay of warm up;delay of transform;deceleration delay;
5.System parameter setting (17 items)
Strip frequency;output 3 setting;start method;current ratio;output 4 setting;display mode;password setting;input 1 setting;language choose;address;input 2 setting;back light choose;measurement 1 setting;input 3 setting; output 1 setting;input 4 setting;output 2 setting.

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