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Minco T8 ATS intelligent controller

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  • Number:20950-913
    Model:MINCO T8

MINCO T8 Dual Power Automatic Switch controller use high-performance microprocessors and industrial components manufactured, LCD display, with compact structure, clear display, easy installation. It accurately measures two-way three-phase voltage, makes judgment for abnormal voltage (high/low voltage, high / low frequency etc.) and control ATS’two-way power switch & load or manual change over to any way power to load.

I. Function and Characteristic
1. Effective measurement, display dual power vatloge/frequency and load current;
2.Setting dual power automatic transfer load, I circuit or II circuit priority setting.
3.Facilitate manual operation, choose I circuit power supply, II circuit power supply or dual separate
4.Chinese and English menu, interactive operation. Logic and delay setting are available.
5.Perfect auto protection, direct character display alarm details and working state, more than 50 fault records.
6.All the relays contact capacity is over 10A/250VAC/30VDC
7.Optional RS232 communication, attached “four-remote control” monitoring software.

II. External Features
1. Dimension: Front panel : (W×H×D) 213×153 x8mm
Back panel: (W×H×D) 197×137x52 mm
Mounting hole:(W×H) 198×138 mm
2. Net weight: 880 g
3. Power Supply : DC8-36 V,power consumption current <300 mA
4. Working environment: -25~70℃, relative humidity <95%

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