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MINCO 910 Diesel Engine Monitor Controller

Update:2014/5/16 15:04:35
  • Number:   94026-713
  • Model:   V8000HDS
  •  Tel:0773-5828281
  •  Company:Minco

  MINCO 910 monitor controller is widely used for Marine diesel generator set, which adopts high performance microprocessor. Its main functions include measurement of various parameters
(speed, pressure, water temperature, oil temperature etc.) detect the operation condition of diesel engine, monitored and overload alarm, protection and sending alarm signal.

Technical performance and quality requirements of monitor are consistent with the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC standards, as well as relevant provisions of CCS China marine classification specifications.

I. Characteristics
1. Parameter set can be completed by panel operation;
2. LED display diesel engine monitor parameter;
3. Anti-interference, vibration, salt spray and high & low Temperature;
4. Smart appearance, installation & operation convenience.

II. Dimension and Weight
1、Engine room monitor:(W x H x D)274x170x180mm;
Remote monitor: (W x H x D)260x180x40mm;
2、Installing Hole:
Engine room monitor:210x120mm(Φ8);
Remote monitor 236x156mm,252x172mm(Φ5)
3. Net Weight:
Engine room monitor: 2900g;
Remote monitor: 1700g.

III. Service environment
1、Work environment temperature:-10℃~+55℃;
2、Relative humidity:≤98%;
3、Work power:DC 12V/24V.

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