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MINCan 100 Condition Monitoring And Fault Diagnosis Module Of Diesel Engine

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  • Number:11570-701
    型  号:MINCAN100

MINCan 100 module adopts dedicated mould, metal casing, high-performance microprocessors, 4.3 inch LCD touch screen. It has touch button display interface, diversity monitoring & status display interface multi-parameter acquisition, clear display, simple operation features.

MINCan 100 is engine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis modules, which is based on SAE J1939 protocol (commonly known as CAN meter).It can be completed independently of engine condition detection and fault diagnosis, and used for a variety of compliance with SEA J1939 protocol engine.

I.Function summarize
1. ARM9 processor, multifunction, smart action;
2. Simple & beautiful appearance,large touch screen,;
3. Chinese and English double language menu, mutual operation, all the setting and operation can be completed without computer;
4. More than 60 kinds of monitoring parameters cover all the major states of engine. Parameters displayed in
the dashboard(single dials and four single dial display) form and display data in the tabular form;
5. Fault diagnosis message with words display, fault record more than 50 items.

II、Monitoring Parameter
Monitoring parameters includes::engine oil pressure, engine oil level, coolant pressure, trip group 1, output shaft speed, input shaft speed, torque converter lockup engaged, torque use at RPM, accelerator position, actual engine percent torque, engine RPM, drivers demand percent torque, selected gear, current gear, auxiliary temp.1, auxiliary pressure 1, fuel leakage 1, fuel leakage 2, turbo 1 compressor inlet temp, exhaust gas port1 temp., exhaust gas port2 temp., engine ECU temp, trip engine running time, trip average fuel rate, EST percent fan speed, injection control pressure, INJ metering rail1 pressure, INJ metering rail2 pressure, turbo 1 speed, air start pressure, engines desired operating speed, trip distance, total vehicle distance, total engine hours, total fuel used, trip fuel, engine coolant temp., fuel temp., eng oil temp.1, turbo oil temp., engine intercooler temp., fuel delivery pressure, coolant level, NAV wheel based vehicle speed, fuel rate, instant fuel econ, AVG fuel econ, BARO pressure, air inlet temp., boost pressure, intake manifold1 temp., air inlet pressure, air filter1 diff press, exhaust gas temp., net battery current, alternator current, alternator potential, ELEC bat potential, clutch pressure, trans oil pressure, trans oil temp., fuel level…etc. more than 60 kinds of parameters.

III. Fault diagnosis content
Fault diagnosis content includes: DM1 current fault message, DM2 record fault, DM3 record fault clear/reset, DM11 current fault clear/reset.

IV、Dimension & character
1.Front panel:(W×H×D)145×94×7.5 mm
Back cover:(W×H×D)128×73×27 mm
Install hole :(W×H)129×74 mm
3.Work power:DC8-36 V,power consumption current <100 mA ;
4. Work environment::-25~70 ℃,Relative humidity < 95%

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