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MB8 Automatization Synchronization System

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  • Number:163020-990

MB8 series synchronization system use standard 19” GGD cabinet, Minco 810B &820B controller, USA GAC autosyn and load distribution system, domestic high grade frame switch etc. high performance configuration. MB8 can start up and synchronize the generating sets automatically in case the mains is abnormal or unavailable, when main genset is loading 60%(can be set),auto start standby genset, and synchronizes two genset to load together. When the mains restores normal, the generating sets will be phased out automatically and sequentially.
Can be set to unload synchronization at first, then to load.
Optional configure: GAC engine electronic governor system, normal supply float charger, the corresponding meter display, generatrix copper platoon etc.

I.Function and Characteristic
1. fully automatically control single genset, exactly match the bare generator.
2. Large screen backlight character LCD display,genset status highlighting show;
3.Automatic start, automatica synchronize the generating sets, automatic load distribution adjustment, automatic separate and stop genset.
4.High coolant temperature, low oil pressure, over speed, over voltage, auto protection and over load etc. protection function.
5.Chinese and English menu, interactive operation. Can be set and operated without computer.
6. Direct character display alarm details and working state,more than 50 fault records

II. Standard configuration (200KW×2, Electronic Governor)
19 inch standard cabinet : 600*600*1600 mm 2set
Minco 820B genset module(Main genset) 1set
Minco 810B genset module (combine genset) 1set
6714+ Synchroscope 1set
LSM672Automatic load distributor 2sets
DELIXI DW15-630A circuit breaker 2sets

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